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沉浸式户外英语系列活动之走进南海子公园 English Immersive Outdoor Series 1: Nanhaizi Park Visit

探寻万物生灵的奥秘 感受自然世界的魅力---BTC沉浸式户外英语系列活动之走进南海子公园

Exploring the Secrets of Lives and Feeling theCharm of Nature --- English Immersive Outdoor Series 1:Nanhaizi


In order to enrich kindergarten English teaching modes, arouse children'sinterest in English learning and improve their practical language ability,Beijing Broaden & Top-Trans Communication Center (BTC) organized a uniqueoutdoor English learning activity for the children of Chunyu Kindergarten onMay 26th, at Nanhaizi Milu Park. The purpose of this activity was to combineEnglish learning with outdoor games, creating a relaxing and pleasant learningatmosphere for the children. Let our children learn happily and grow healthilyin the embrace of nature.


Chunyu Kindergarten was established in 1958 and is a municipal model kindergartenfor early education. The kindergarten has a long history with beautifulenvironment, making it an ideal paradise for children.


Nanhaizi Park was a royal hunting ground of fivedynasties, and the Milu Garden in the park is well-known for long time. It isthe research and protection area for the rare species Milu deer. The park iscovered with lush botany and intertwined rivers and canals, with countlessanimals raised and bred there.


On the bus to Nanhaizi Milu Park, foreign teacher Melissa ledthe children and parents to sing English songs together. The sunshine filteredthrough the sparse clouds, casting a golden glow on the ground of the NanhaiziPark. We stepped onto this beautiful land, exploring the mysterious Milu Gardenand experiencing the wonders of nature.


We firstly took an electric car tour of the park.Through the lush green forests, we saw the precious Milu deer living and reproducingfreely in the peaceful realm of the Nanhaizi Park.


After that, children and Melissa participated in the feedingdeer activity. Gradually, the deer seemed to accept us as their "newfriends" and gathered around, eagerly eating the food in children’s hands.At that moment, the children felt the joy and satisfaction from the connectionwith nature.


       Then, we moved on to the English parent-child game session. Melissa, our foreign teacher, led parents and children to learn the names of various animals through a variety of interesting English games. The activities included icebreaking games, animal imitation shows, flash card relay, and treasure hunts. In this English immersion game-based learning, thechildren were fully engaged, and the parents actively cooperated, making theentire activity filled with laughter and joy.


Next, we arrived at the Milu Park Museum, where the teacher introduced the past and present lives of deer species. The children were deeplyattracted by the stories of deer-like animals, and our foreign teacheraccompanied them in learning the interesting knowledge.



In the end, under the guidance of Melissa, our children accompanied by parents, used color pens to draw their favoriteanimals. There were hardworking ants, cute turtles, clumsy cows, gentle deer,and many other types of animals. Under the guidance of foreign teacher, weentered the colorful animal kingdom of children.



At the end of the activity, each child received an animal model as aprize. Everyone left the park with their prizes and happiness.



Although the activity was over, the BTC EnglishImmersive Outdoor Series have just begun. Nanhaizi Park Visit was successfully carried out, and it was highly praised by children, parents, and the school. Welook forward to the next activity and hope to give our children more growth and joy!