As a goverment contracted institution, we provide native English teacher recruit, training and management services for the primary schools, secondary schools and kindergardens.

Teaching Features

Stimulation of interest by well-designed courses

Cultivation of  English skills of reading, writing, lisening and speaking by multiply media methods

Activation of vocabulary

Selection of related multimedia support

Complete Curriculum System,Well-prepared Classes and Unique Course Design Improve the Students' English Skills
in all Respects


Independent Thinking

Creative Thinking Team Spirit

Real Context Experience

Media Report        The report of China Education Television: Foreign Teachers in
   Remote Mountainous Schools in Beijing.

   Beijing Evening News:Foreign Teachers in Remote  
  Mountainous Schools in Beijing.
About Us

Integrating domestic and international high-quality resouces,
targeting  at international education market and providing
distincitive international courses and high-quality international
exchange programs, promoting cross-cultural communication.
We are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you!
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